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Memorial Bridge after a state trooper who died while directing detour traffic during its rebuilding. The interchange includes several left-hand ramps, necessitating the separation of the thru HOV lanes from the mainline. Northwest of Woodland, the median of I-5 is used by freight trains and Amtrak 's Cascades and Coast Starlight passenger trains, which follow the freeway for its entire length.

The thirteen-lane freeway, among the widest in the United States, [38] runs in the full block between 6th and 7th avenues between downtown to the west and First Hill to the east, home to Harborview Medical Center and Yesler Terrace.

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A pair of rest areas are situated north of the interchange and are the busiest in the state, receiving 2. I-5 intersects Ithe eastern freeway bypass of the Portland metropolitan areain Salmon Creek near the Vancouver campus of Washington State University.

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The bridge also includes a lower deck for the express lanes, with a ramp connecting to Northeast 42nd Street in the University District. It passes to the east of Seattle's tallest building, the Columbia Center[39] and the city's Central Library before adding a set of reversible express lanes in the median near Madison Street.

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After passing the Chehalis-Centralia Airportthe freeway follows the Chehalis River to the western side of Centralia. The freeway runs through Lacey and the Billy Frank Jr. The stretch of I-5 through Downtown Seattle is the busiest highway in Washington state, with a daily average of overvehicles in the mainline and express lanes.

Within Marysville, the freeway runs due north along the boundary between the city and the Tulalip Indian Reservation and intersects several arterial streets: Near the Everett Memorial Stadium and Lowell Park, the freeway intersects 41st Street in a single-point urban interchangewith additional ramps from the HOV and mainline lanes towards downtown Everett on Broadway.


The freeway heads northwest and leaves Bellingham after passing Bellingham International Airportentering the predominately rural part of the Fraser Lowland region. The express lanes end southwest of the Northgate Mall, with a ramp to Northeast rd Street and the two remaining lanes merging onto I The bridge is the only point on I-5 where vehicles have to stop for cross traffic, due to the lifts.

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The freeway narrows to four lanes within Mount Vernon and forms the boundary between the uphill suburban neighborhoods and downtown along the river. Route description[ edit ] Interstate 5 is the only Interstate to traverse Washington from north casino loss prevention salary south, serving as the primary highway for the western portion of slot openbreken eindhoven state.

The express lanes run in the median of the freeway between Downtown Seattle and Northgatecarrying 54, of thevehicles on the Ship Canal Bridge on an average weekday, as measured in The express lanes cross alexa slot type string Ship Canal on the lower deck of the bridge, which includes an exit to Northeast 42nd Street in the University District.

I-5 continues north past the former Weyerhauser headquarters campus to central Federal Way, where the freeway's high-occupancy vehicle lanes HOV lanes have a direct off-ramp to the Federal Way Transit Center and The Commons at Federal Way shopping mall.

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The freeway travels along the north end of Capitol Hill through the Eastlake neighborhood on the east side of Lake Unionpassing over the I-5 Colonnade mountain bike park. It then passes Silver Lake and the South Everett park and ride located in the freeway's median at th Street Northeast near the Everett Mall and a southbound-only rest area.