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Guitars with a 17 degree headstock are said by many to have better tone and sustain.

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This was Lennon's first brush with the Epiphone guitar. The guitar is in near mint condition except for a scratch on the back of the neck as shown.

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In the vintage guitar collecting community, an original Epiphone Casino such as the one Lennon used, is considered a prized find. L es would go on to build h is fir st solid body electr ic guitar at th e factor y an d r emain ed a life- lon g suppor ter an d con sultan t for Epiph on e. The guitar plays easy and sounds excellent. I n at th e ur gin g of L es Paul, th e Stath opoulo family mer ged with Gibsonits for emost competitoran d began man ufactur in g a n ew lin e of in str umen ts at th e h istor ic Gibson factor y in Kalamazoo, Mich igan.

By the end ofduring the Beatles recording sessions for the "Rubber Soul" album, John Lennon and George Harrison both started to explore the sounds of various new electric guitars. He purchased one, together with an Epiphone Texan in December By the mid-point of Lennon's career as a Beatle, when guitar manufacturers of the day would have done anything to get their instruments into his hands, Lennon often nylon saddles epiphone casino the Epiphone Casino over all other guitars for recordings, live performances, television appearances and films.

Typically great sound; includes a well-worn period correct HSC with a leather strap installed for a handle. InLennon decided to "strip" the finish off his Casino. Th r ough out th e fir st h alf of th e 20th Cen tur y, Epi paten ted br eakth r ough design s for man dolin s, ban jos, upr igh t basses, an d acoustic guitar s in cludin g th e Master bilt Ser ies, wh ich con tin ues today.

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They would also use a volute an extra protusion of wood in the same area from '69 to ' Both versions were featured in countless '60's British invasion bands, including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Manfred Mann and many more, as well as many blues, jazz and pop situations. This guitar has typical mid's features: Epiphone Casino ETD Model Thinline Hollow Body Electric Guitarmade in Kalamazoo, Michigan, sunburst top, dark stained back and sides finish, laminated maple body; mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, periol black hard shell case.

It was in the spring of during the recording sessions for "Revolver" that both John Lennon and George Harrison nylon saddles epiphone casino a pair of sunburst Casinos. Gibson changed the headstock pitch from 17 degrees to 14 degress on all electrics in enchanted unicorn slots free, which means Casinos made in the US from to should also have that headtsock angle unless of course, Gibson did not change the angle on Epiphone guitars.

Posted 19 May - Gibson changed the headstock angle from 17 to 14 degrees in order to strengthen the neck behind the truss rod adjustment cavity. The John Lennon "Revolution" Casino is a faithful reproduction of his Casino with a "stripped" natural finish as it was then and as it remains today. This guitar is a bit of a road warrior, but is a good gigging instrument. O n ce againth e gr eat ar tists of our time like Gar y Clar k Jr.

Why is the angle important?

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The guitar comes with ALL of the case candy, including original case, COA, pickguard, paperwork and advertisements as shown. All other hardware is original-the arm is missing from the Tremotone tailpiece. The thin, double-cutaway single-bound body is fully hollow and the neck joins at the 16th fret.

Item Prices subject to change without notice. As a result, the Epiphone Casino remains one of the nylon saddles epiphone casino sought after electric guitars that Epiphone has ever produced. Epiphone production is moved to Japan and eventually Korea. This preference for the Casino carried on into his years as a solo artist as well. The lead pickup is restored to a correct period P; there was a humbucker installed previously with some routing involved but now all looks correct.

Th e stor y of Epiph on e star ts in Spar ta, Gr eece ar oun d wh en th e Stath opoulo family began buildin g an d r epair in g tr adition al in str umen ts. Visit your Authorized Dealer today and make your own history with Epiphone. I don't think that's accurate. The Casino can be heard on many of the most memorable Beatle recordings. A Part of Gibson Brands epiphone.

It's my understanding that Casinos had a 17 degree angled headstock up to the year