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If you don't want to be recognised as a tourist, put on some colorful clothes. By train[ edit ] Thanks to its central location Lucerne can be reached easily from nearly every other city in Switzerland using the Swiss Federal Railway [26]. Well over works by 23 artists of early modernism, including works of Paul Klee and about 50 by Pablo Picasso.

In town records show the first witch trial against a male person.

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It was designed by Jean Nouvel. Of course you can walk to the top on foot, which takes at least 4 hours from Kriens. Your satisfaction and that of your guests is our focus. For example, the fully air-conditioned Panoramasaal with an area of sqm provides plenty of natural light and can also be completely darkened if required.

Bourbaki Panorama [34] The Glacier Garden [35] The Swiss Transport Museum [36]Lido beach the first stop for boats leaving from the central train station, preferably reached by bus. By bus[ edit ] Lucerne has an efficient bus network: For 31 CHF per day, you can rent a speed, sturdily-built bike with a baggage clamp.

Most of the people are dressed in colors or in masks. The neo-baroque jewel, our Casineum, provides space for every event. Along with Lucerne, the three other forest cantons of UriSchwyz and Unterwalden formed the "eternal" Swiss Confederacyknown as the Eidgenossenschafton November 7, Electric bikes are also available. See[ edit ][ add listing ] During Fasnacht the paintings on the bridge are covered by paintings promoting the various bands.

The results of this referendum are expected to pave the way for negotiations with other nearby cities and towns in an effort to create a unified city-region, based on the results of a study.

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By Lucerne had become a self-sufficient city of reasonable size with about inhabitants. It covers the city and the suburbs. There are several towers which you can ascend, including the clock tower - the clockwork mechanism is huge and exposed on the inside. The city's suburbs climb the hills to the north-east and south-west, and stretch out along the river and lake banks, whilst the recently added area of Littau is to the north-west.

Join one of the walking tours going around! A nice short walk on the Museggmauer starts at the Schirmer-Turm, walk up the road near Jazzkantine, open only at daytime.

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In any case, the name was associated by popular etymology with Latin lucerna "lantern" from an early time. Derivation from the theonym Lugus has been suggested but is phonetically implausible.

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If you get tired of the real train engines you can check out the model railroad or the miniature working steam train. The city shortly granted many rights to itself, rights which had been withheld by the Habsburgs until then.

The Bridge is made with wood and was built in 14th century as a protection for the city. Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern [32] German only. Its major concert hall "La salle blanche" is famous for its acoustics, and world class orchestras can be heard regularly.

Take a boat tour [45] from Lucerne Take a guided tour [46] Paraglide from Pilatus and Rigi [47] Paragliding down from the majestic mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne is a unique experience. You can get lost for a few minutes anyhow in its maze of streets, passages, and squares, admiring the many and varied murals painted on what seems like every other building.

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It hosts the lucerne music festival [41] The Lion Monument German: The clock has 'First Strike rights' by law, and so chimes at 1 min before the hour. Our many years of experience is evident at all times and a reliable platform for the success of any event.

It was a two-day-long play of 12 hours performance per day. It is possible to reserve parking spaces. The city developed its infrastructure, raised taxes, and appointed its own local officials. Nevertheless, industry was attracted to the city from areas around Lucerne. Get around[ edit ] Able-bodied travellers will find Lucerne a complete joy to get around in on foot.

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Grand Casino Luzern AG. The populace was not content with the increasing Habsburg influence, and Lucerne allied with neighboring towns to seek independence from their rule.

For Lucerne this victory ignited an era of expansion. We give you space for your event Experience a fantastic location, wonderful views and innovative interior design concepts — no wishes are left unfulfilled!

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The Golden Round-Trip [43] Explore the Old Town One of the main reasons that Lucerne attracts so many travelers is its small but remarkably preserved old town.