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The engine has increased crankcase breathing, a low-pressure fuel return system and a baffled oil sump, to prevent engine lubricant cavitation at high engine speeds and high-G cornering. The production run of the B7 RS 4 was to inclusive, although only and model year were sold in the United States. The steering rack ratio is The cast iron discs are cross-drilled and radially ventilated and float on aluminium alloy disc hubs.

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It was unveiled in February at Audi's 'quattro Night' celebration at the company headquarters in IngolstadtGermany. Audi factory numbers indicate that the B7 RS4 saloon can accelerate from 0 to kilometres per hour 0.

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Sur des forum je vois que quelques joueurs gagnent quand meme sur ce casino mais moi je pense qu il doivent avoir un truc chez eux qui tourne pas rond ce n est pas les memes regles pour tout le monde Please do visit often to view the new selections. The RS5 also uses a 4.

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Audi stressed that this would result in a more neutral response in corners, and a more dynamic driving experience. For the Avant, 0 to kilometres per hour 0. Our online selections are updated several times each week.

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This removes water from the disc and pad surfaces, and helps to maintain the braking performance of dry weather. The two-piece disc construction reduces unsprung mass and also reduces the transmission of heat generated by the brakes to the wheel bearings.

Front and rear axle differentials are conventional "open" types, with a final drive ratio of 4.

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