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Urban Renewal[ edit ] Empty lot in Ybor City The period from the late s to the early s saw two seemingly contradictory trends in Ybor City history. More available jobs in the cigar industry attracted more residents.

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From less than residents inthe population of Tampa had risen to over in and almost 16, in Some took other jobs, becoming teachers or regular tabaqueros. As another early resident explains, "[the first immigrants] did not arrive in a city where they found work; they created a city out of the work they did. Besides resulting in the demolition of even more homes and other structures, the highway cut most of the north-south routes through the area.

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The remaining clubs have greatly reduced their benefits and focus most of their resources on preserving their history and buildings. Needing jobs and not willing to wait for their homes and workplaces to be rebuilt, many tabaqueros decided to pack up their surviving belongings and board a steamship for Tampa.

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In other cases, Franco's tightening control and the coming of World War II made communication difficult or impossible. Ybor was intrigued, as was Ignacio Haya, a visiting Spanish cigar manufacturer from New York who was also looking for a new factory location.

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Over 30, troops about double Tampa's total population at the time [23] and thousands of railcars full of supplies arrived to await orders to ship out, [24] providing sudden prosperity for local businesses but stretching the small town's resources to the limit. During the first decades of the 20th century, the port duties and the payrolls of Tampa's cigar manufacturers were the engine that made the city grow and prosper.

Ybor neighborhood locatednorth and west of the Ybor City Historic District.

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However, by the early s, high costs, labor strife, and transportation issues overseas land links were still decades away had him exploring relocation options once again. Even when demand quickly increased to record levels during American's post-war boomthe number of workers employed in Ybor City's factories continued to decrease due to more efficient machines.

Several southern American port cities such as Mobile, Alabama ; Pensacola, Florida ; and Galveston, Texas had offered land and other concessions to attract Ybor's factories to their town, but none of the proposals were satisfactory.

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The troops were particularly welcome in Ybor City by Cubans who surmised that "Cuba Libre" was finally within reach. Its building was used by the Young Men's Hebrew Association for several decades, and was subsequently purchased and remodeled by the city of Tampa in the late s for city office space.

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Despite the positive aspects, some residents and leaders became concerned about the disruption from the revelry and traffic. Due to the stagnant state of commercial business in town, bank management had decided to close the location.