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He didn't do a good enough job of blasting the crew, as Kup reactivated and startled him, causing the Micromaster to drop the triggering mechanism for the explosives, starting the countdown. Though he refused to admit Megatron's whereabouts and tried to fight back, he was eventually restrained by Overlord, who forced him to watch as Rodimus destroyed each of Devastator 's limbs.

Story page 8 Later, Menasor teamed up with Devastator to wreak some havoc on the Autobots, but the Autobots had some new backup in the form of Defensor.

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Menasor cared little about the new arrival's identity, moving in to crush him immediately. Sideswipe Cybertronian Bad cop. The Autobots brought the Aerialbots to life at the same time, and the Decepticons found themselves on the losing side until the Stunticons merged into Menasor.

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Menasor chopped the energy-deprived Constructicon combiner into his constituent 'bots, but before he could claim his prize, the Insecticons swooped in to snatch up the cube. Joe and Cobra members ran into the Stunticons in 's ChicagoOptimus Prime warned them about the existence of Menasor.

Menasor stood strong in the hail of firepower the Autobots proceeded to unleash against him, but when a cavalry of other Autobots then arrived, the combiner decided he had had enough, and fled.

Groove and Blades then latched onto the stumps and blasted Menasor away, dumping him in the Pacific Ocean, far away from Japan. Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

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But with a single swift blow of Grand Scourge's Matrix Breaker sword, Menasor was split into his individual components. The Stunticons were then forced to combine with Grand Scourge, save Motormaster, who fled in terror.

Menasor managed to grab Megatron, but was forced to release him after taking a shot to the face from his fusion cannon.

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Just as Menasor was charging his opponent with intent to impale him on a factory smokestack, however, Omega Supreme appeared to intercept the Stunticon gestalt's attack. Energon Wars Expansion Set Transformers Legends Blackjack and the rest of the Stunticons were created in response to the failure of a Decepticon campaign to acquire Autobot superfuel.

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All the Familiar Faces! He was planning to race with Roadhandler for championship of the Micros, but had no problem putting their friendly competition on hold so that Road Handler could 'school the load-mouthed Big Daddy on the "rules of the road".

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By selectively targeting the individual Stunticon components, the Autobots forced them to think of their own safety instead of Menasor's, making the giant easy prey. The Dark Ages At some point in Cybertron's recent history, the Stunticons were deemed psychotic and too dangerous to function in society, and as slot tournament seminole result were placed into perpetual stasis lock inside of a prison facilitymuch to the relief of security officer Red Alert.

The super-robot eventually succeeded, but it was too late. His flying foes combined into Superion and the two titans grappling over the weapon until Superion triumphed, throwing Menasor so hard that he splintered into his component Stunticons, giving the Aerialbot combiner the chance to destroy the Lightning Bug.

First Contact When it turned out the Camiens had nothing to steal, Swindle realized Starscream had set them up as scapegoats and tried to calm Menasor, but just as Starscream had planned, Blackjack's influence sent the already unstable combiner into an unstoppable rage.

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The blow was powerful enough to force him to retreat. The Art of War 4 The Beast Within Just as the Decepticons were on the brink of a great victory over the Autobots, the tables turned when the Dinobots revealed their long-hidden combined form, The Beast.

Megatron abandoned the field of battle, leaving Menasor to menace the Autobots until the Pearl's storms wiped out all life on Earth. While Kup and the others attempted to disable the bombs, Blackjack frantically insisted that they couldn't be disabled and that their best course of action was to abandon ship. Story page transformers g1 blackjack To fight back, the Autobots had to take the threat posed by Menasor and the other combiners into consideration and develop appropriate countermeasures.

During the Battle of Autobot City inMenasor and Bruticus staged an attack on Autobot Headquartersoccupying the attentions of Omega Supreme, Superion and Defensor and preventing them from coming to the aid of their comrades in the besieged city.

Combiner Wars commercials Games Transformers: Menasor attempted to flee, but Superion stopped his flight by opening a crevasse under his feet with his stress fracture cannon. The Fight Begins When Victorion took control of Fortress Maximus's weapons and prepared to fire them at Trypticon, Menasor spoke up in protest, noting that the barrage would hit Metroplex as well, but was overruled.

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Before the Dawn When Starscream later took rulership of Cybertron, he encouraged Wheeljack to help him create a functioning combiner of his own, citing Menasor as a particularly worrisome example of a combiner created by an unlikely source. The Autobots were road slot cutting at the sight of this new menace, Story page 13 but likely not quite as aghast as they were at the sight of Menasor, Devastator, and Bruticus's deformed bodies when they later gathered for another major battle.

Fortress Maximus Much later, the Stunticons assembled in the desert as their Ninja Commander Sixshot began issuing orders. Menasor and Superion fell through to an unknown, alien planet and were soon joined by Defensor and then Devastator, who demands that the other three calm down or else he would make them calm down. The Sum and Its Parts Blackjack was subsequently with the Stunticons as they explained how they operated to another new member, Offroadand were approached by Swindle who had brought the Enigma of Combination.