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Granted only 2 were usable on my main, 2 I saved for an alt, I vendored about a dozen and will sell the rest on the market and ean about 20K off those sales the equivalent of about 2 million credits in SWTOR.

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And made their classes more interesting in the process. SWTOR decided that allowing lots of customization was the downfall to their system and implemented their Disciplines system and ESO felt that even more customization was the the answer and released like 20 more gear sets between drops and craftable. I want to be able to have different set pieces for different circumstances.

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I am sure this is only being done because Ben Irving is now sweating his job. I believe this token boss in 5. But he does know how to squeeze out every last point of DPS. Let us navigate you in online casino space! Fuzzypaw This is true.

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Drivan You said it all right here. So, let say, they stay for the expansion.

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Naq Also, if you are running with friends or even an amenable pug, your chances of getting the loot you want multiply considerably. So it will have been six months since the Galactic Crap slot op douche dropped before it begins to get fixed.

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Blizzard had a road map but took the time to look up from it to see the road was not only bumpy but getting worse ahead, changed course, and are now back on track. While it is nice they are going back to the old Ops gearing, it still is the same problem as before. To me, the latest game trailers are a microcosm of how the dev teams are thinking and the direction of the game.

I just remember the last time I played that move was ridiculous.

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Need2Crash So the backtracking continues, But they wont admit that they screw up Ry Well look at that…. It is simply 1 of 4 ways to gear up. Is there RNG involved in the other methods?

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