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The headstock spindle has an internal engagement pin and tooling is secured in the precision ground mouth and bore of the spindle via a draw in bar supplied with the machine.

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To me a TITO machines is not a slot machine, it's a money sucking credit cardish eating device, and is nothing I would want in my home gameroom. This is the method where the dollar bill acceptor "talks" to the slot machine.

These Wms model 40x slot machines are known as "dotmation" slots because of the dot matrix display. Compared this to Williams where there is rarely a dollar bill validator issue, because Wms used JCM's the dbv and dbv bill validator manufacturer protocol.

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And the Wms spinning reel slot division now did all calculations based on 22 "real" stops. Also some Williams slot machines were made as "lease only". When Wms starting making spinning reel slots inthey also used the Telneas idea.

Because of this, the patent was sold to Universal in the late s and then to IGT in the early s. Hence this web page. High tolerance bearing caps are fitted for the protection of the bearings.

But for my basement, only spinning reel slots with hoppers will do. The reel strips were more cramped, but this compromise helped keep Wms in the game and popular amoung players. The headstock spindle is hardened and ground and carries a fine threaded adjuster nut for bearing pre-load and the elimination of spindle end-float.

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I would consider all these games to be amoung "the best" of the dotmation games as the bonus games are interactive involving player sections and choices. Though I'm not exactly sure which was the first dotmation slot by Williams, it was probably X-factor or Piggy Banking. All the Williams slot machines have bonus or dotmation animations that make them much nicer than a "standard" spinning reel slot.

So though IGT won the battle of the Telneas patent, they really lost the war of slot machines since video slots are far more popular today at casinos than spinning reel slots. Even though most pinball people hate Williams slot machines because pinball financed slot machine development during the early s, and Wms gaming eventually overtook and closed the pinball division inI find the Wms spinning reel dotmation slot machines to be the best of this era.

IGT obviously didn't want Wms to enter the slot machine market, so they sued Wms over the Telneas patent. Overall IGT slots are not good for a "home" user, as working on them requires experence and a good understanding of their weird error codes and procedures to fix them.

Because they were never sold to the casinos, when the games were "finished" when their profit per square foot no longer met casino expectationsthe games were returned to Williams. Clamping locks are also fitted so that each slide may be locked during the machining process thereby ensuring rigidity. Every brand of slot machine has its Achillies Heal.

A quick release fibreglass guard shrouds pulleys and belt. Meaning they take quarters and paper money, and have a hopper to payout quarters. This was followed up by some other great spinning reel slots like High Speed themed after the Williams pinball game, complete with the reels re-spinning like tires burning rubber, and cop chasing sirensand Top Cat, amoung others.

What's the "Best" Game? This allows for "long odds", where the slot can payout much bigger jackpots. Even many of the non-dotmation mechanical reels have bonus rounds. Even IGT didn't have this feature until 10 years later on their S series and as an upgrade option, not as a stock item. That's why IGT slots were so popular during the s, since players had the possibility of hitting huge jackpots.

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There were 11 symbols per reel, so the chances of hitting any symbol was 1 in The headstock incorporates two 48mm diameter, precision, angular contact bearings. Most games have 11 symbols on each reel strip. Note WMS Gaming became a publically traded company in Broken or working is fine I can fix them.

The idea of having many more reel stops than reel symbols was not missed by Williams either. On the dotmation slot machines, if the patron is a "winner", most games go to a bonus mode which plays on the dot matrix display DMD.

With Williams none of these things are issues they use english commands on the front LEDs to display problemsand the dollar bill protocol is far better. The Telneas patent was originally developed by Telneas of Bally during the early s. The familiar Williams pinball "bong" is used as a Dotmation slot machine is turned on.

Gaming commisions try to protect the player. Little did IGT know that protecting their Telneas patent on spinning reel slots would be the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot in the long run.

This was the first use of a bonus game in slot machines with a DMD, and its development is largely due to Williams' involvement in pinball. Game re-made later in model video format.