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Goyen Victoria, Texas "The ride is fantastic. Because we fish a lot in North Carolina, its ability to plane quickly and stay on plane at slow speeds gives us an edge crossing wide, sometime choppy expanses of rough water to get to skinny water areas to fish.

Just black jack read manga looking at the lines i assumed they were built somewhere in the southeast, but I believe their built in Arkansas.

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I think the Blackjack started inbut blackjack for sale the hull truth Kenners have been around forever. After 20 years on the water, that is one thing that stands out above all. The layout allows for great room, so even with four clients onboard no one is crowded. LWalker I have one and absolutely love it!

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I have about hrs on mine and the boat has held up flawlessly with nearly all of those being spent outside the inlet. Clients and fellow captains are always amazed about the skinny, shallow waters we can access in my BlackJack I always say if you test ride a BlackJack today, you'll be listing your boat tomorrow.

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The layout is terrific. The BlackJack gets me to the big fish no matter the weather, keeping me and my customers dry. The fit and finish is at the top of the class. It's dry and maneuvers in open water and close quarters like no other outboard.

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They have never been a high volume manufacturer and have always built quality boats. I can't say with certainty how shallow ot floats, but I can say it gets reasonable skinny for a bay boat. Plenty of rod printable time slot sign up sheet template. It would be on my short list if I were shopping for a 22 footer.

I tell people that ride is everything, and you should always take a test ride in less than ideal conditions before purchasing. Just none around to see or dealer support near me.

I get excited every time I run this boat and cannot imagine not having a BlackJack for fishing and just overall fun on the water. I fish mine offshore regularly. Leading them to the big one. They ride almost as smooth as the larger bay boats without as much struggle to push it through the water. You won't see me guiding out of any other boat! Nice illuminated live wells.

Young Smithfield, North Carolina "I've been guiding for 25 years in the coastal marshes of south Louisiana.


Bourgeois Barataria, Lousiana "BlackJack is truly a great dry ride and takes the rough water better than any other bay boat I have ridden in. I'm not sure where youre located, but I would be happy to take you for a ride and show you mine.

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The waters I fish are inland saltwater and flats, and accessing shallow waters is never an issue. I've been guiding out of BlackJack boats the last 13, and there is not a finer boat on the market. These boats ride better than many larger offshore boats I've owned. The boat will certainly take more than you want to. My BlackJack keeps me dry in conditions where most boats would have my customers soaked.

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Their comfort with a smooth ride keeps me focused on what I'm here for: You have to pick your days to truelly be comfortable, but I'm not a fair weather guy and go when I can. Each model features a center console and our classic design for a more sophisticated look, while delivering the highest performance and an unmatched smooth ride.

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