Sulzer lip slot bolting

Sulzer lip slot bolting,

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Calming Section CS trays are typ-ically used for flow parameters below 0. Welds will only be polished or pickled and passivated on express request by the customer and agreement by Sulzer.

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A single tray design can be used for both odd and even trays. Each assembly, except one piece cartridge trays, post supported trays and other tray types where manways are not feasible or advantageous, shall have a section or sections for use as an internal manway. Draw-off sumps and Chimney trays: Same punch direction for movable valves is not required.

Welding procedures are available for review in our workshop.

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Note the typical tray layouts illustrated in Figure 2. This dramatically reduces the time required to fasten panels to each other. Hence, the maximum useful capacity is really that determined by the minimum of jet flood, downcomer choking and downcomer inlet velocity restrictions.

No corrosion allowance required for stainless steel trays. Installation time and effort When revamping C2 and other splitters, the downtime required to install new internals can often become the critical path.

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Gasketed bubble cap trays should be leak tested by the installer subject to client approval. Visual inspection will be performed to observe leakage. The downcomers are dropped into place with no need for modifications to downcomer bolting bars. For example, the proprietary Lip-slot panel connection Figure 3, top left eliminates the need for bolting at panel overlaps.

This practice Figure 3, bottom left elim-inates the need for post welded heat treatment or pressure testing after the work has been completed. Tray emu casino no deposit codes 2014 spacing shall not exceed mm 7" around the tray perimeter of the active area and around the perimeter of the inlet area.

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Each crate will be labeled. The maximum allowable stress permitted under this condition is at ambient temperature. This may result in additional costs. Local depressions and bulges in panels after installation shall not exceed 6 mm 0. The density correction factor is the ratio of how much blackjack dealer make density.

If required, a portable Spectrograph machine can be utilized which provides material composition, including carbon content.

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The reference shall be taken to mean the latest edition of the code. Since their development, there have been more than applications of CS and HiFi trays worldwide. Welding electrodes or filler metal of a composition similar to the tray material shall be used.

Cap height Clearance Riser height Riser O. A leakage test for welded chimney trays and draw-off sumps is recommended following installation by the installer. Existing support rings can be used to support new expansion rings with vertical struts and lattice beams to avoid having to weld to the column wall.

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The label will indicate: On customer request Sulzer shall furnish strength calculations that demonstrate the adequacy of its design to support the specified loads under the applicable deflection criteria. Support beams shall not restrict the flow of vapor between tray passes.