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The city government of Davao is proposing two more congressional districts to serve its growing population.

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Sara Duterte was elected mayor in the general election which also elected her father and long-time Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte the 16th President of the Philippines.

Culture and heritage[ edit ] Foreign influence[ edit ] Davao City's Chinatown is said to be the Philippines' biggest in terms of land area. Davao City has barangayswith three legislative districts. Japanese cultural influencelike that of the Chinese, was also prominent in the city. Like most cities in the Philippines, Christianity is widespread as a result of Spanish colonialism. The Davao Chinatown is the primary residence of the Chinese community in the city.

The Philippine eaglethe country's national bird and considered the largest eagle in the world, is endemic to Davao. Commerce[ edit ] One Network Bank is based in Davao City and is the largest rural bank in the Philippines in terms if assets. The position complements the city's vice mayor, given the large geographical area of the city.

Durian also made appearance on Davao's culinary scene.

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Gaisano Grand Mall Buhangin, [41] which is the fifth Gaisano Mall in the city under the Gaisano Grand Group, is a large shopping mall being constructed in Buhangin District just a few kilometers north of the downtown area. The deputy mayor is the mayor's representative for community events. The chocolate industry is the newest development in the city. Nograles National Unity Party 2nd District: Evidence of Japanese influence is still visible in Bago Oshiro where there are Japanese villages and schools.

These are celebrated through song and dance.

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On the other hand, Seed Core Enterprises is the country's biggest exporter of cacao to Barry Callebaut. According to the foundation, the city has a projected average annual growth of 2. There are also proposed malls which include CityMall Northtown Davao, [43] which will be the first CityMall in the city that will rise in a 1.

However, there were also some cultural conflicts in the integration of Koreans in the city, as the then-city mayor Rodrigo Duterte complained about their habit of smoking in public places. The Davao Gulf provides livelihood for many fishermen.

It is the island's leading exporter of fruits such as mangoespomeloesbananas, coconut products, pineapples, papayasmangosteens and cacao. Government social-insurance agencies such as the Social Security System and Government Service Insurance System also have locations in the city.

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Many tribes people visit the city during this time. Sinuglaw, a portmanteau of sinugba grilled and kinilaw in the Cebuano language, is also a term for a dish in which diced, grilled pork belly is mixed with kinilaw. Christian churches and chapels dot the city's landscape.

The cuisine of Davao City features skewered and grilled meat dishes, but the most common dish served in the city is kinilawa relative of ceviche made from tunamackerelor swordfish with cucumber and sometimes radishes and chili marinated in vinegar.

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Malagos Chocolate, developed here by Malagos Agriventures Corp. The biggest celebration native to the city is the Kadayawan Festival in early to mid August which, in pre-colonial last two gambling in davao was a celebration of the harvest. Victoria Plaza Malllocated on J. A notable tradition brought by the Spanish still celebrated today in Davao City is the celebration of the feast day of each of the barrios villages patron saints with a festival fiesta.

Several industrial plants such as those of Coca-Cola Bottlers, Phil. Festivities include native Mindanaoan street dances, motorcades featuring various clubs and social awareness groups based in the city and art exhibits in various locations featuring local artists and artisans. Fruit dishes, snacks, and desserts are also popular, most made from durian and bananas. The city also serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao and is also one of the financial hubs of Mindanao.

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It recorded a number of 7, people [50] participating in the first event, aiming to break the world record set by Japan for the most people simultaneously blowing party horns. There are various Japanese-owned businesses in the city as well. There is also a number of fruit packaging-exporting facilities, and food manufacturing plants as well as industrial construction plants such as Holcim Philippines, Union Galvasteel Corporation, and SteelAsia.

Some of the fish products include yellow fin tuna, brackish water milkfish, mudfish, shrimp and crab. ESL tops casino loot for foreigners, and export-oriented industrial parks to entice Japanese and South Korean firms to set up shop in the city.

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Estimated tourist receipts were recorded at There are many shopping centers that dot the city. Ginanggang is a banana dish that originated in this city and spread to other parts of the country; a banana is grilled, skewered, brushed with margarine and sprinkled with sugar. Construction of new shopping malls in the city are currently underway.


Samal Islanda part of Metro Davaois an island city situated immediately off the city's coast in the Davao Gulf, popularly known for its scenic beaches. The SteelAsia plant is now the largest and most modern steel rolling mill production facility in the country, completed in December [35] and was purposely built to increase the national steel production and to reduce the construction costs in Mindanao.

Today, it serves to commemorate the cultures of the indigenous tribes that inhabit the area surrounding Davao City.